Public Safety

Public Safety

Thank you for taking my legislative issues survey and letting me know the issue that matters most to you.

Below there is space for you to send me your thoughts, but I want to let you know what I’m doing to increase public safety.

  • Fighting to get fentanyl off the streets by lowering the threshold for prosecution.
  • Fighting to decrease felony theft and larceny thresholds from $1,200 to $750 so we can prosecute those performing smash and grabs more frequently.
  • Fighting to remove the distinction between soliciting a minor and being caught by an undercover cop who was posing as a minor. Soliciting a minor comes with a steeper penalty and the same should be applied to those caught during a sting operation.
  • Fighting to expand the time frame sex trafficking victims can apply to the Victims of Crime Fund from 24 to 48 months, which can be used for housing, childcare, education, etc.
  • Eliminated the diversion court option for those who are charged with Category A felonies and sex offenses.
  • Strengthened Child Luring Laws.
  • Created the Nevada Sex Offender Registry.
  • Established that those convicted of certain crimes must submit to a DNA test.
  • Increased reporting for abuse and neglect of children in schools so bad teachers and personnel cannot continue to go from school-to-school and state-to-state and abuse our children.
  • Created the SafeVoice system which allows for any student or person to report any violent or unlawful acts being conducted or threatened at school.
  • Provided transparency, that was lacking, for parents of reports of substantiated abuse in schools.
  • Eliminated the statute of limitations for sexual assault if the identity of the person is established with DNA evidence.

But I know we have more work to do to improve public safety. Fill out the form and send me your thoughts and ideas so we can work towards a safer Nevada together.

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