Women's Health Care

Women's Health Care

Thank you for taking my legislative issues survey and letting me know the issue that matters most to you.

Below there is space for you to send me your thoughts, but I want to let you know what I’m doing to protect women’s health care.

  • Required health care providers to screen women for the harmful BRCA gene mutations that increase the risk of breast and cervical cancer. If a screening indicates a higher risk, the patient must be referred for genetic counseling and testing. Both must be covered by insurance.
  • Fought to require health care plans to cover pre-existing conditions.
  • Required health insurance plans to cover 12-month supply of contraceptives.
  • Increased transparency for insulin and asthma medication pricing.
  • Required that Medicaid include counseling and support for breastfeeding, screening, and counseling for domestic violence, counseling for STDs, annual screening for cervical cancer, screening for depression.
  • Lone Republican to support the Equal Rights Amendment.

But I know we have more work to do to improve women’s health care. Fill out the form and send me your thoughts and ideas so we can work together to increase access and care.

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